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Bet you will agree that the first account you have created is almost like a second identity to you. At least this was the case for many. All the adventures and challenges we took on, all the fun moments we had and all the mining experience we have gained is something we happily reminiscent about… This first account will always be special. However, sometimes you may wish to partake in an activity your account might be unfit for or you just want an alt especially dedicated to a certain purpose. However, you might be short on time or simply not willing to level up another account for that purpose. This is where we come in to help you out – grab one of many hand-trained accounts we can provide of the type you need and onward to glorious adventures! First things first of course, here are some things you must know before making your purchase.

How to buy an Old School RuneScape account?

  1. Click “Buy RS account”
    Start the process of buying an account by clicking “Buy RS account” and you will be redirected further.
  1. Choose the type of account
    The OSRS accounts we sell vary in their function and therefore stats. Yes, there are different types of accounts. Choose the one that suits your needs best.

  1. Choose your payment method
    Once you choose the type of account you wish to purchase, click “Buy account now” button. Doing this will redirect you to the checkout. Choose the payment method most convenient to you and proceed.

  1. Everything has its price
    Now, once you have chosen your preferred payment method double-check the data you have put in. It is important that you enter correct data and save yourself some time. Click “Proceed to payment” button after you have made sure that all the information is correct and you will see a loading screen. If the payment is successful, you will see a big yellow “Start chat” button. Click it and you will start chat with our 24/7 customer support and they will also receive your order details, meaning that you will not need to put them in manually.

  1. Your account, your rules
    Our live customer support agent will check your order details and if everything is OK, congratulations! You will be sent account details and from now on that little guy on the screen will obey any command given by YOU!

NOTE: we will NEVER contact you in-game. Anyone contacting you in-game and impersonating our staff is certainly a SCAMMER!