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Buy maxed OSRS account

Ezrsaccounts is your number one maxed account provider in the market We offer many different maxed osrs account. We have maxed pures and maxed mains. We also got a couple of nearly maxed accounts that you may be interested in buying. Maxed account is an account with either maxed combat stats; maxed combat stats for it‘s combat or a completely maxed account with all skills at level 99.

Buy cheap OSRS accounts

All the accounts we sell are trained by us, this makes the accounts cheaper due to the fact that we train several accounts at once. With methods like this we reduce the cost and maintain an account that is safe to play on – we eliminate the risk of recovery and bans, because accounts are 100% hand trained and come with all the recovery information!

OSRS pure accounts for sale

We have many different accounts builds available – from baby pures to maxed pures to rune, berserker & even barrow pures. Whether you want a low level gmaul pure, dark bow pure or SoTD(staff of the dead) pure or a PK ready pures we have builds that come with nearly maxed stats, desert treasure complete and all the necessary things a pure may need – Ezrsaccounts has got you covered.

Barrows pure

Barrows pures typically have 70 of 75 defense with 75 to 99 attack. Accounts like this can participate in both PvP and PvM activities and are super fun to play on. If you’re looking for RS07 account like that – look no further. We have barrows pures with med level stats and maxed barrow pures with 94 magic, barrows gloves and all that good stuff.

OSRS main accounts for sale

We focus on training the best Old School Runescape main accounts. These accounts usually have some quests completed and some skills trained. This gives you the option to skip the hardest levels and the most boring quest and go straight to the fun.

Zulrah account

Zulrah is a boss farmed by many RS07 players. It is popular due to the highly valued drops you can expect to get. For this reason a lot of players have Zulrah alt accounts to make some OSRS gold on the side. We offer accounts that are made to kill Zulrah, so if you’re looking for quick ways to make some Old School Runescape GP this may be a good account for you.

OSRS pking account for sale

The best pking accounts are made here at Ezrsaccount. We focus on all the things that may be needed in your journey of killing other players. For this reason we have accounts with small stats for low level pure enthusiasts as well as higher level accounts with barrow gloves, vengeance and all that for people who like getting better drops from higher level players.

RS07 accounts for sale

Ezrsaccounts is the best site to get any RS07 accounts you may need. Browse our shop to see all of the accounts we offer and if you’re looking for something specific – feel free to contact our customer support agents and order a custom account.