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OSRS pure accounts for sale

Here we list all of our Old School Runescape pures that we have for sale. You can see that we have a variety of different accounts, starting with 1 defense pure sanding with Berserker pures. All of the accounts you see here are trained by hand, by our own staff. This gives our customers the safety they are looking for when buying the account. With your purchase you will know all the account information and you will be in full control of the account with no risk!

OSRS Obby maul pure

Ezrsaccounts offers quite a few obby maul builds. From 60 strength obby maulers to 99 strength obby maulers – we have it all. These type of pures dominate most accounts in their combat bracket due to the extremely high hits obby maul pures are able to hit in RS07 pk & bounty hunter worlds.

Old School Runescape Defense pure

Defense pures are a rare find these days and at times we may be sold out, so if you’re looking for a build like this be sure to contact our customer support. In general defense pures have 75+ defense with minimal stats and they wear a dragonfire shield that has a high damage dealing special attack. These accounts are good for hunting black chinchompa bots & similar builds.

OSRS Zerker pure

Also known as Berserker pures are accounts that have 45 defense. The name comes from berserker helmet that requires 45 defense to wear. These are very fun accounts to pk on and they are also quite versatile, as you can wear void armor as well as BiS zerker gear. We often sell accounts like this that have barrow gloves and vengeance, so with an account like that you can dominate mostly everyone in PVP worlds.

OSRS rune pure

Rune pures are similar to zerkers, although they are not able to wear all the gear that berserker pures are able to wear.

RS2007 Barrows pure

Although it may not be considered a pure, due to high defense, this is one of the most popular RS2007 account for people to buy. This account is super versatile due to higher defense, because it unlocks a lot of content that is not available to 1 defense or even 45 defense pures. We offer some amazing Barrows pures here at Ezrsaccounts so don’t hesitate to buy one as this type of account can offer endless fun!


Staff of the dead pures are known for their ridiculous ability to hit super high hits at a very low level. This is a specific type of account that has 75 attack so it can wield the staff and it also has 75+ magic. It’s pking gear usually combines staff of the dead, occult necklace and tome of fire. This combination DESTROYS everyone in this pures path. We have pures like this available starting at 75 magic going up all the way to 91 magic!

RS07 Gmaul pure accounts

This is one of the most popular builds due to how easy it is to pk on this type of account. The risk can be minimal and the pleasure of killing someone is priceless. We usually sell these type of accounts with 40 attack, although gmaul requires you to have 50 attack. This is because it takes very little time to get 50 attack, but some people prefer to keep the accounts at 40 attack an pk at F2p worlds.

Maxed OSRS pure accounts

These accounts simply destroy people. They come in different shapes and sizes, although they usually have desert treasure complete, have mithril gloves and 94+ stats in ranged, magic and ranged. These high levels come at a price, but with Ezrsaccounts you know you’ll be buying them at a very competitive price.

Low level pure accounts

These accounts are usually 1 defence and you can buy one of many accounts like this that we offer. We have dds pure, proselyte pure, dark bow pure & many other PK rushing accounts!

If you have any questions be sure to contact our 24/7 customer support and we will be happy to help you with your purchase!